Social Media and You

I don’t think social media is dangerous. I think we are dangerous.

Social media is here to stay, just like telephones and computers. Yes, there are unhealthy ways to interact with social media. But there are also healthy ways to engage social media. For those of us seeking to be public about our faith, social media is one place to engage public conversation – be it about social issues or our personal lives. I, for one, have appreciated having social media tools available to me as I stay connected in meaningful ways with various people within my social sphere. Sometimes it’s with people down the street, other times it’s with people halfway around the world. Sometimes it’s sharing information, other times it’s lamenting the loss of my favorite sports team. Regardless, I want us, everyday people, to wonder how faith and social media might intersect in a constructive way. Check out this great, simple article on ways social media can be a healthy way for humans to live within community.

How Social Media Made me a Better Person

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