L. Gregory Jones: Pruning for sustainable design is a great article on saying no so you can experiment with new ideas for the sake of a new future.

Clergy shortage in the ELCA? Yes and it is only going to get worse. Maybe it is time to expand our congregational leadership models. 2016 March The Supply of and Demand for Clergy in the ELCA 3 28 16 (1)

ELCA by the numbers (June 2012) – Numbers Tell a Tale of Change – Some up, done – always onward by Daniel Lehmann. The Lutheran, June 2012, access at

Research on parents use of time for the past decades. <

Practice Discipleship Initiative

Resources on digital age  and Faith Formation 4.0 (Julie Lyle) –

Thought provoking article on higher education – What’s the point of a professor?

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