Play – a summer must!

I’ve been out of town quite a bit the past few weeks and upon my return I’ve noticed something. The parks have more activity, more bike riders are filling our streets, and kids are simply put, more visible. And I love it! In a media-driven culture, this makes me very happy to see kids playing. Kids have in their DNA a desire for discovery, for social interaction with other kids, and a call to be outdoors.

A friend of mine posted a link to these beautiful pictures of children at play (Thanks Lori!) and it brought a smile to my face. Children, from around the world, at play. And the photographers have captured the similarity and differences so well. (Love the depth of these photos!)

As you look ahead to the remaining weeks of summer, let us adults encourage play among the children in our lives…and may we also be encouraged by children to have play we part of our lives!

Happy July 1st!

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