Church Meets the World

Usually I prepare for teaching locked away in my office surrounded by shelves of books and peace and quiet. Yesterday I prepared for teaching a class on Faith and Mission Practices by mingling among people of difference ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic status, and situations in life. Some were looking for something tangible – a bag of food, some “new” clothes, or relief from tooth pain. Some were present to serve – in planned and unplanned ways. All received hospitality, a listen ear, and Christian community.

The “result” of my day was captured in some short video testimonies which I complied into two short videos. These stories and pictures are just the tip of the iceberg of what a “day at the mission outpost” is all about. I invite you to listen in, but more importantly I invite you to think about your own faith and mission practices. How is God calling you into  Christian community and how is God calling you into the world?

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