Dec. 5 – Unexpected Generosity

The weeks before and after Christmas are filled with gift giving…and sometimes “finding the right” gift makes gift giving a real chore. But there are times when the moment presents itself and I get to give a gift that is meaningful AND perfect of the person and the moment. Often those gifts are not the most expensive or the ones that are displayed in our living rooms. Yet they might be the ones we remember.

In this season of giving, what if we looked for opportunities to extended unexpected generosity? Maybe it’s letting a mother with a small child go ahead of us in the checkout line. Maybe it’s baking an extra dozen cookies for a co-worker. Or maybe it’s doing a little extra around the house.

Giving material gifts is a great tradition, but I’m trying to remember that giving is about much more than giving gifts. What if the holidays were filled with little, unexpected generosity?  And what if we were part of creating a “generosity movement”?

See this video and let your imagination loose.


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