Dec. 4 – to Believe

I remember a few years ago an ad from an area department store aired a commercial during the holidays with the theme ‘to believe.’ The first time I saw it, I paused, reflected and then was deeply saddened. Yes, it was great to have children dreaming … But their dreaming was so narrow, so limited, so focused on themselves. And that was the picture they were lifting up. Really? It took me a few days to recognize what it was that left me so melancholy. For me, this commercial robbed Christmas of one more critical element and pushed the Christian faith a bit more toward the margin.

I’m all for kids dreaming, but to romanticize dreaming of material things as the ideal thing to believe in was down right wrong in my book. Counter that picture, or the many other pictures you might be able to name, with this one. A child singing a beautiful song which calls all of us to dream big, and to believe in the world God imagines.

To Believe

So today, in this season which beakons us to believe, what will you believe in?


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