Breaking Bread together – in a new way

Sharing a meal together is not a new idea. People do it in their homes, with family and friends, with neighbors. Communities do it as well. In fact, food often brings people together and creates a sense of community.

Yet food can also divide us. One of those divides is for those who can pay, and those you can’t. But what if we could create a business/social service agency that could bring two often separate groups of people together? Someone in Florida has.

A woman in Florida was really thinking outside of the box when she designed this local eating establishment. Pay what you can or volunteer. Really? Too good to be true? And only have a few employees. Rely on volunteers for the rest. Really?

Yes, Mosaics it is about a meal, but it’s also about getting to other people and creating community. The owner says, “Amazing things happen at the table when people start breaking bread together. They start getting to know each other. We are so busy being busy, we don’t even know our neighbors.”

Mosiacs Cafe

When I saw this clip last night I started to wonder, isn’t that the gift we have in the bread and wine offered us all in Holy Communion? What if this meal that centered our worship could be extended to center our community life?

A challenge and an opportunity for reflection!

Waiting for Immanuel.

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