Curating – what is it and why do it?

Maybe you are like me and are curious about what it means to help others sift through the amazing amount of information available online, but don’t exactly know what you are doing or why. This activity is both an art and has some guidelines. It is called curating. And while I don’t know much about the guidelines for curating, I do know this – curating is part of my role as a teacher of the church moving into the future. Why? Because one of the ways I share what I know about my disciplines is to point people to other quality, provocative resources and thinkers. Yes, some of them people might already know or find on their own, as they are common in my networks, but some they might never find because they are less common or outside their regular network…but reading or seeing them might push up against their regular way of thinking or might help them, and me, come to understand “the” neighbor more fully. As a teacher committed to learning and a Christian trying to live faithful in our time, this matters to me.

I don’t know if you should curate, only you can answer that. But maybe you live in an intersection of various networks that would benefit from your doing so. The following guide might help you think about curating more fully. (Thanks Timothy Siburg for this link, and more importantly your accepting your role as a curator!)

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