How might you be brave today?

So much of our life is about playing it safe. Be it in relationships, leadership, or living our faith, playing it safe is easy but usually comes up short. Think about it. If we played it safe, would we risk being the first to say ‘I love you’ or learn something new? If we played it safe, would we go on adventures or make new friends? If we played it safe, would we share our faith with a stranger or serve at a homeless shelter?

Living brave takes many forms. It can be following a dream, revealing your true self in public, or telling someone your opinions. Whatever the form, being brave awakens us and reminds us of the power we have to live fully, both for ourselves and others. And living brave can be contagious.

Fear is just one of the many obstacles to living brave. Convenience, practicality, and lack of imagination might be others. Pushing past these obstacles is half the battle to being brave.

As a person of faith, I want to live brave. Each day this week, I’m going to find a way I can live brave. Will you join me? (If we need some inspiration see this Sara Bareilles’ video.)


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